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"Line Band is the application that allows you to create groups of friends to share private conversations, images and content in a manner similar to a social network."

Download Line Band otra app de Line

The vast majority of users of messaging applications know Line Naver, both the version for Android smartphone, passing by the version for the iPhone, until Line for PC version that we can install in our computer. Download Line for PC and enjoy with your friends.

Long time ago that line has been developing applications to complement its instant messaging app. We have seen a Line Card, Camera Line, Line Brush between other apps developed by the Japanese company.

Line launches a new application that unites two worlds of communication, the messaging app with Line Band, an application on their mobile phones to be closer to the social networks. With Line Band we can create groups or gangs of friends through the app and keep private chat where share content with the group, with the possibility of inviting other users through Facebook. Line Band uses a system similar to the circles of Google plus, with the advantages compared to the typical chat messaging application.

Line Band the alternative to social networks

Line Band is a real alternative to the social networks that its operation is based on the communication in groups or gangs of privately.

With Line Band we can create groups to make sure that our conversations are private and share content as in a social network, with the security that only you will see the members invited to the group. Through the implementation we can perform surveys in group, organize events, share videos and other content, in addition to using the calendar for the events.

Line Band opens a new way of communication through applications for mobile or Smartphone.

Download Line Band

Line Band is available for Android devices and IOS to the system of the famous iPhone and it is hoped that the PC version in a short time.

Don't expect more to download Line Band and no known way more fun and practical to communicate with your groups of friends. You can download the application free of charge and start enjoying all its benefits.