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"Line Tools free on our computer. Download Line for PC and enjoy the profits of Online Tools. A set of apps that make Line for PC in the messaging application industry's most complete utilities."

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A set of tools to help you troubleshoot the most common problems that we encounter during the day. This set of tools is the ideal complement to line for your PC.

The most prominent tools are divided by groups of measurement, where we can we have a ruler, protractor, horizontal display, monitor the level of audio and compass. We also have new measurement tools of the time. other utilities in common use as a flashlight, a mirror, magnifying glass, QR code reader And for the lovers of the calculation of a converter units of measurement, a calculator and other useful functions.

As important remark is good to know that some of the functions are only useful in the case of having line in our Smartphone because you are using the camera, flashlight and sensors that in our computer is not available.

But Line never ceases to develop new utilities to convert the use of the app in a pleasant experience and intuitive.

Visit the official website and learn more details of the new tools for Line. Don't expect more new surprises are waiting for you.

Checks the compatibility of the new utilities with your mobile phone or smartphone and enjoys the improvements of this app.