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Download Free stickers for LINE for PC

"The developer LINE for PC, has decided to celebrate with their users who have passed the 200 million registered users. Users faithful to Line for PC can download a set of stickers for free and enjoy with their friends in these fun drawings available for the application. Download Line for PC and send messages with fun stickers."

Line Naver celebrates the 200 million users giving Stickers

Line Naver decided to celebrate with users giving stickers. Line has already conducted campaigns in different countries to develop and design custom sets of stickers with the customs of each country. Line for PC has benefited from several improvements that has received the app and also of the adaptive designs in the different countries of these friendly elements that make it more fun our conversations. Don't expect more and download your free set of Stickers from your PC or Smartphone. Celebrates with Line and invite your friends to download the application on your personal computer.

Where to find new Stickers

If you are interested in downloading new stickers, you can enter the next option, more - Shop Stickers - New. In this section you can find fun groups of drawings to ensure that your conversations are more sympathetic.

For the lovers of the Stickers, there are videos on the net, with various tutorials for free download for line drawings. In the famous web site of the well-known videos, you'll find dozens of tutorials, to download bonus stickers on your computer. And for more advanced users there are applications to design and create stickers for Line, which you can then share with your friends, family or colleagues. Line can boast of being the messaging application that more resources to post for the design of new elements, which help users to complement your favorite messaging application.