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Install Line for PC Windows or install Line for Mac

"Learn how to install Line for Windows on your computer or if you have a team of Apple to install Line for Mac."

Install Line for PC without Android emulator

Line Naver is one of the few applications that you have a version for the PC. Line for PC is available from the totally official web of the Japanese developer. If you want to use the Android version of Line on your computer, you can see the guide on the main page of line for your PC.

Install Line for PC on Windows or Mac

But it is good to know that LINE for PC is available to install on your computer with Windows system or in your Mac from Apple. Now you can enjoy the advantages of having installed Line for PC, with the convenience of having a big screen to continue your chats and the speed with which we can write with the keyboard of the PC. Many of these features you can enjoy without having a Smartphone where to install the messaging app.

Install Line for PC allows you to communicate with other users of the messaging application, whether it a Smartphone as if they have installed Line for PC in the computer. Chat now with your friends from a computer. Don't expect more to install Line for PC on your laptop or personal computer.

Synchronizes chats Line for PC with your Smartphone

It is now possible to enjoy your conversations wherever you are. Line for PC allows you to synchronize your discussions with your smartphone. This feature is very useful to have copies of our chats on your computer and enjoy the Stickers of the application, to download more quickly and share content with our friends and family from the computer screen.

If you want to install LINE for PC you have to download the executable file from the official web site of Line Naver. Here will show you a link for the download.

Download Line for Windows 

Download Line for Mac

The download is complete, we run the application installer and in few seconds you will be able to enjoy Line in our PC. We have only to follow in the footsteps of the installer and register an account on line.